Hunter Legacy - 2.2


Heeeeey. It has been a long, long time since I've played. These caps are actually old. I just hadn't gotten around to posting them. I'm having a trjnfkl month, doing physical therapy twice a week and I have a newly discovered (yet unknown as to why it's happening) breathing issue. So it's a joy.
But I was thinking about this so I thought I'd do it

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Hunter Legacy - 2.1


Hi guys c: Hope everyone is having a good finals time. And good leading up to Christmas/Holiday Break time.
Combo of pain flares and playing other games probably will slow Sims posts down but I ain't stopping. I've been playing Tales of the Abyss if anyone's played that? I'm only a few hours in. I also just beat  Bowser's Inside Story it was so good @_@
If you notice a change in their eyes (it's gradual) I decided to change the defaults I was using. But my game didn't switch it right away. So.

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Hunter Legacy - 1.0


Hi guys. Yes. A new legacy. Mainly because, I lost the O'Neals :( sad to say. I could just re-download Genty and Aurora since I put them on the exchange, and I may do that at some point, but right now I wanted to just start fresh. So I did. As much as I loved the O'Neals

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So I'm on prednisone for the first time and it's turning me into a zombie

is this supposed to happen?

I AM SO SLEEPY I'm usually tired but now I just wanna sleep