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I'm reinstalling Sims 3

I was trying to hold out for Sims 4, but the more and more I see, the less impressed I am. And the CAS demo barely held my attention. And I do enjoy making Sims, so??? Yeah.

There's that.

Probably gonna make a new family just cause that's EASIER for me

Also, hi, I'm alive. Barely. IDK what's happening with me. My neurologist thinks I have sarcal plexopathy but hell if I know when I find out the results cause I had the MRI in May and he still hasn't looked at it.

Also thinking of making a new LJ. I am making a new Simblr but I like using LJ to actually make Sims posts if I do it. So. A Sims LJ? Or just a new one in general cause this one is so. Old and full of shit lol Yeah? IDK probably

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