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What a lovely way to wake up

Joys of not having a gallbladder. Stomach was apparently full of bile.... @_@ Vomited it all up. I feel better now though at least but gyah and I dunno if I'm getting phantom pains or what but there is a small dull pain where my gallbladder used to be.

Dunno what I'm gonna do today, other than some studying. . Probably arts. I tried to work on my comic last night but photoshop was being a butt so I ended up goin to sleep. So maybe I try again today.
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Kay just got back from talking to the surgeon. Now I know exactly what the pain is.

I was not aware that while he was doing surgery, he nicked my muscle. He had to stitch the muscle back and said it was a pretty long stitch. I was hardly bleeding but to leave it would be dangerous to leave it.

I described the pain and he said that's what it is. SO NOW WE KNOW. Apparently he failed to tell my parents this XD

I also had more stones embedded in the wall of my gallbladder. Lovely.

And for those who were wondering on size. . A normal gallbladder is around 3 to 4 inches. I don't know exact size but he said my gallbladder was infected and double normal size, and the walls were double normal thickness :E

SO He had cut into my muscle and that's the cause of the pain I'm having now.

He said that should subside entirely within two weeks @_@ He suggests I stretch a lot and walk around in the pool/swim. Helps with support.

I'm almost done reading Ratha's Creature. I really love the book despite the fact Ratha sometimes annoys me and acts like a moron. Haha so says something that I really like it. Bonechewer is my favorite character.
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Long post is long

Surgery went smoothly.

I'm home, been home. Slept a lot. I'm very sore, and yesterday was freakishly nauseous but this is all normal so, all is well.

I woke up going "Paaaain...paaain....ahhh....nauseous......hot.... ;;" cause I seemed to remember them going "Be sure to tell us is there is any pain or nausea when you wakeup. Well I did and I wouldn't stfu either lol

Oh and know what? I didn't have 10 stones. Nope.

I had over 50.

My literal response to that was ".......wat."

I have a picture. Gotta scan it later. They're not large, just a couple big ones, but still 50? My goodness. And, he also said it was good thing I got it out so quick because my gallbladder was white when he was taking it out. He said it's supposed to be blueish. Mine was WHITE.

And full of 50 freakin stones.

I'm good now though. Up early cause I slept in my parents room and mom snores like no other. So I can't fall back asleep, least in there. Got up, used the bathroom, took a pain pill, swiped moms computer since it was down here hah.

But yeah I'm fine. I had crackers for dinner (it had been a full 29 hours since I'd eaten anything) and now I'm drinking Gatorade as suggested. My bellybutton hurts most of anything at the moment XD They apparently cut in there, which I didn't realize would happen. Then three incisions on my side.

The only bleeding I had was, apparently (I don't remember doing this but they told me I did) when they were waking me up, first thing I did was rip the IV out of my hand. XD; Go me. So they were putting one in my other hand when I was actually waking up enough to remember anything. They also spilled something in my hair (AFTER surgery was all done) so I have stickiness in my hair. I think I'm allowed to shower tonight though. We'll see if I even wanna stand that long.

Key thing is, my surgery went fine, no complications. Could have been much worse he said if we'd waited any longer though. So I'm glad he was able to do it so quickly.

Edit: OH YEAH and a co-worker of my mothers brought me a balloon and baked me a cake (low fat carrot cake so I get to have some later mmm) So sweet of her <3
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*hangs out in sketcher and watches baseball*

I found Melody stuck behind my moms bedside desk thing earlier. No idea how long she was stuck there

*lays in sketcher*

I'm ready for my surgery now. plz.

CAT I will get our trade done before said surgery.

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Good fucking morning to you too body.

I cannot wait to have this fucking gallbladder OUT.

I don't exactly like being greeted in the middle of the night with extreme pain that has almost to the point of screaming.


Now. I'm really tired. Should just try and go back to sleep.

This was a short attack, granted. I am so thankful for that. Woke up, feeling really uncomfortable and queasy so I got up to go to the bathroom, and I start heaving. Well I throw up. . . red. Not like blood I could tell that much. It was murky, but there were also chunks that looked like red peppers. ...I didn't eat red peppers. I didn't eat anything RED in the past 24 hours. Also very acidic. I've been avoiding acidic things (including most fruit)

Well, I stand up to go back to bed, I get in here and . . just pain. Horrible. Horrible sudden pain. I actually fell off my bed heh. Ended up on the floor.

This is how bad it hurts, my reaction to it, is to start raking my nails over my legs. ....Which NOW sounds stupid, and just leaves a burny feeling, that I still feel but at the time it's like. . I'm trying to distract myself? I don't know. I also grab whatever is nearest and start wringing and twisting it which is usually my foot.

Tuesday cannot get here fast enough.

edit: Oh and thanks soooo much for all the music suggestions guys. I'll be going through everyones lists later once I get some more rest.
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I just got back from seeing the surgeon (Dr. Lyons) and I am having my gallbladder removed on Tuesday. Wow. So quickly. o_o I was like "I'd love to have to done before school starts." and he was just "Okay Tuesday then." XD

And I told him all the other stuff thats been going, I've been vomiting a lot always feeling sick to my stomach and so on and he said aaaall of that should go away. All the pain all the discomfort, and I'll be able to eat like a normal person a few weeks after my surgery.

The surgeon is really nice too I like him a lot.

I have ten stones by the way. Ten. Stones.

wtf body? wtf.

I am both hugely relieved and really nervous about having the surgery at the same time. It's a routine surgery and my surgeon says he does at LEAST a hundred or so of these a year so @_@ should be fine. But I've never had surgery so it's like. . .Eep.

I'm just glad this is all going be over soon

Oh he also pressed down on my stomach "you feel that?" and I'm laying there going "D8 YES D8" I wish doctors would stop doing that.
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There are seven peacocks outside. *watch*


The Aneka and Kudos ones will be colored, for ref sheets. I'm wanting to do trades with people too so I can force them to draw Tigan. But. IDK. There's someone who wants to pay me $20 to draw Ominous so that's what I should be doing. Even though I want trades. *flop*


Parents get home today :C THEY WERE NOT GONE LONG ENOUGH.

But. I get to finally talk to a surgeon (DOCTOR LIONS. ...No that's seriously his name) tomorrow. So. W00T for that. That's also the reason my parents are coming home today. Cause of my stupid gallbladder. HATE.

I dunno what I wanna do now.
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