Shepard Legacy Heir Poll

Hey! I have a new legacy (and a new journal) and thought I'd post about it here cause I'm at the first heir poll! I dunno how many people still use live journal, but if you're interested in seeing my sims, bounce on over!

I wondered what happened to you?! Obviously I now know, you started a new journal. Many people have abandoned LJ, but I am still here...:3
OMG TUS! I always enjoyed your sim posts/families. I haven't logged in in forever and decided to on a whim! So glad I did! Just read the whole Shepard legacy so far and although I am too late to vote, I am glad to see Indigo won. She would have got my vote. She's so pretty and funny with her grumpy personality. xD Nice to see some familiar faces too. I loved Pal and Crowley! :) Also. I always love your house decors. I never could be bothered with that. xD
HEY :D I've missed seeing your comments around lol I didn't know if you still got on LJ or not. It's pretty scarce these days

I'm glad you like the new legacy though! I'm gonna really try to stick with it, I'm loving this family so far, they're fun lol and oh man, I decorate slow. just like, do a little at a time. cause otherwise I get bored. I also am very spastic with it, like none of it is really planned I just grab a random thing out of the store and go yeah sure stick that on the wall that works then later I'm like..... wait what even is that??????