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I've got a GAMING TUMBLR NOW ( here - ) cause yeah I gotta entertain myself somehow when I'm confined to the house and usually my bed

On that note, don't have much to update. I'm behind on doctor stuff cause I had a month without insurance, now getting things scheduled is a joy with my new stuff. I have an EMG in August cause my leg now along with pain, feels like it's vibrating

I had a mass (benign, we knew this before it was removed) from my leg and a mole on my ear taken off. Both were normal. The thing on my leg though had a lot of pain surrounding it. Not common for what it was, but can happen, even when it's still harmless. my leg hurts like fuck all the time anyway, I really didn't want any added pain, so I had her remove it.

My dermatologist doesn't accept my new insurance though. She basically gave me a discount (about $200 instead of $400. I mean. yeah.) and tried to encourage me to keep seeing her anyway, but she also said she'd refer me to someone who takes my insurance if need be. She's really a good person who gives a damn, but I'm not super attached to her (she's the one who told me when she found my melanoma that it was probably what was making me sick, and therefore I was gonna die if it had spread, thank you. She's nice but she's not good at breaking news. She did something else similar to my dad when she found his melanoma, except he didn't get YOU'RE GONNA DIE) and am fine with going somewhere else.

So yep. My leg is a disaster and I'm still having problems with nausea and being dehydrated my entire life no matter how much water I drink random blood pressure spike (possibly and probably related to the dehydration) annnnnd so little energy sometimes I can't even stand.So yeah, when I do have energy, I let myself play video games and enjoy myself. Why the fuck not

ALSO if you like horror games, I suggest Corpse Party (the reboot for the PSP, not that the original isn't good but the reboot has so so so much more) it's great. If you can't play it for any reason, watch a let's play. I love it and I'm shoving it into everyone's face